Driving past Glasgow Square on Tuesday August 4th, there’s barely a trace of the performers and over 9,000 patrons who rocked at the 2015 20th Anniversary Riverfront Jubilee, but what is left is the memories of another successful weekend.

With late night stage performances to capacity, special on-stage guests, incredible weather and special events throughout the weekend, the 20th anniversary Riverfront Jubilee was a huge success.

The Trews rocked and electrified the Friday night crowd, kicking off the weekend as the first headliners for the event. Saturday evening patrons enjoyed the vocals of David Myles, a surprise guest who joined headliner Classified and on Sunday evening no microphones were needed for the crowd who sang ‘Copperhead Road’ alongside Steve Earle and the Dukes.

“When Steve Earle and the Dukes started Copperhead Road, you could see people running to be even closer to the stage and getting ready to sing,” said Executive Director Carlton Munroe. “The crowd became and impromptu choir, belting out ‘Copperhead Road’ alongside a legend. It was an absolutely incredible moment to be a part of.”

After getting some much needed sleep, Munroe reflected on key highlights from the rockin’ 20th anniversary event:

  • Neon Dreams – this EDM band brought their party to both the Jubilee Late Night Stage and the Main Stage, and everyone is still talking about it. Their first performances in New Glasgow left a lasting impression with the band and the several thousand people who caught them.
  • David Myles joining Classified as a surprise guest. As soon as Classified landed on Saturday, he suggested we convince David to come down as soon as he finished his gig in Dartmouth that night. David literally went from the stage of his show into a Jubilee shuttle en route to our stage and then surprised everyone that night with a fantastic cameo with Classified.
  • Steve Earle and the Dukes – Perhaps the most accomplished performer we’ve ever staged played for a solid two hours and a three song encore, which 99% of people stayed until the end to experience.   After that, Earle spent more than an hour meeting and chatting with fans, signing autographs and getting photos, before he, The Dukes and his crew loaded the bus en route to their next gig – in Philadelphia!


  • The volunteer Jubilee Board of Directors would like to extend their sincere thank you to the following groups:
  • The patrons for coming out, rocking hard and enjoying the performances
  • The 2015 Sponsors, for generously supporting music in our community
  • The emergency response and law enforcement women and men dedicating their time and energy to keeping everyone safe this Jubilee weekend
  • The 300+ volunteers who rocked and made the event a huge success
  • Our artists, site crew, clean-up crew and everyone who made the event what it was.

In 2012 an Economic Impact study found that the Riverfront Jubilee generated $1.1 million of economic activity in Nova Scotia, with $629,000 occurring in New Glasgow.

Work starts now for the 2016 Jubilee, which will be the 21st year of the event, or what the board is deeming the kick-off to the next 20 years of the event.