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Jubilee Media & Photographer Accreditation is now open

The Riverfront Jubilee is now accepting requests for Media and Photographer Accreditation for its July 29th, 30th and 31st, 21st anniversary event in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. We have a limited number of places available; those interested must demonstrate that they meet the criteria outlined below.

Media Accreditation will be granted to media representatives who can demonstrate one or both of the following:

  • Can provide samples of publicity on the 2015 Jubilee that they have had published; and/or
  • Will be covering the event live during the weekend and producing articles, Blogs, podcasts, radio remotes etc. that will be published no later than August 8th, 2016. Please note that we may request additional information about the publication you work for; ie, format, followers/readership, etc.


Photographer Accreditation:

Those wishing to serve as official photographers of the 2016 Jubilee must submit by email a link to their portfolio and their availability for the weekend of July 29th, 30th and 31st.

Photographers must be willing to commit to one or more of the time slots below (please clearly outline your availability in your email).

While main stage photography is important, there are numerous other aspects of the event that we also wish to have photographed. For that reason, priority will be given to photographers who indicate a willingness and ability to photograph other areas of the event. Photography must include crowd shots, volunteers and sponsorship (ie. Branded vehicles, banners etc).


New this year:
We require a rockin’ crowd shot as part of submissions. Obviously our artists are amazing, but we need a 360 capture of our site. Failure to send a crowd shot may impact media accreditation for the 2017 show. We don’t mean to be jerks; but our patrons are super important to us.

As mentioned, we love shots of our amazing performers but it’s also very important to capture images of our patrons, our site and the overall look and feel. Hey, even a selfie of our beloved-photogs would be awesome! We will be looking for shots of the event in its entirety, not just the main stage (although great!). We would also appreciate photos during the day of the site set-up. We get it, not as cool or fun, but something we would really appreciate from all of you.



  Set-up Activities Main Stage Back stage Late Stage Children’s Jubilee Songwriter’s Cafe Youth Stage/
Blues in the Park
Thursday July 28th   Kick-off Party
Friday July 29th 3pm-6pm
7pm-1am 6pm – 1am Midnight- 2am      
Saturday July 30th   Anytime (pre-arranged) 7pm-1am 6pm – 1am Midnight- 2am Noon- 4pm 1- 2pm  
Sunday July 31st   Anytime (pre-arranged) 7pm-1am 6pm – 1am Midnight- 2am     1pm –
5:30 pm

Please note that media/photographers are also welcomed and encouraged to attend the Jubilee Kick-Off Party at Acro Lounge 60 Archimedes St. New Glasgow on July 28th at 10pm where we will be featuring Alert the Medic with Grooveback.


Photographers must agree to meet the following requirements:

  • NEW: Will submit a crowd shot from the evening(s) that you are taking photos.
  • Will submit 3 signature shots no more than 6hrs after their shift (screen resolution);
  • Will provide complete event photography within 2 weeks from the end of the event (LO and HI Res);
  • Will provide images in both LO and HI RES versions, which will be organized in separate folders;
  • Will organize their images according to Artist/Day/or other Event (such as Children’s Jubilee) so that images can be archived for easy retrieval
  • Will send photos electronically via Google Drive, Dropbox or other file-sharing mechanism following the event to jubemedia@gmail.com


Deadline: FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016; 5PM
Please forward media and photographer accreditation submissions to:

Nicole LeBlanc