Memories of Burton Cummings’ Past Pictou County Visit

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Memories of Burton Cummings’ Past Pictou County Visit

It seems like only a few days ago that the superstar Jubilee site crew were tearing down following a memorable performance from the legendary Steve Earle and the Dukes.  The “hardcore troubadour” toweled off and quickly made his way out to meet a huge lineup of fans after the show, with a backdrop of crew dismantling the main stage site in the wake of a successful 20th anniversary event.

And after a long (although not as long as the prior year) winter, your faithful Jubilee team is back, and a couple months ago announced the 2016 lineup that music fans are still cheering about.

We are thrilled that, once again, rock and roll royalty is coming to New Glasgow.  And in this case, there might not be a more celebrated and successful frontman in Canadian rock history.  From an early age, Burton Cummings made his mark by replacing Chad Allan as lead singer of The Guess Who in 1966.

After a couple of years of ridiculously hard work on the road, in the studio and on television, The Guess Who broke through in 1969 with “These Eyes”, starting a string of classics that remain some of the most recognizable and beloved songs in the great Canadian song book.

Burton Cummings would leave The Guess Who to begin a hugely successful solo career in 1975, and since then he’s garnered pretty much every lifetime honour possible in our great country.

In talking with some lifelong fans at the Box Office at Glasgow Square, we’ve heard some great memories of his songs and performances.  Two different people recall a Guess Who performance at The New Glasgow Stadium in 1968.  And while we’ve spent some time digging and searching for a concert poster or ticket stub, The Jubilee has not yet been able to find any memorabilia from this gig.

So we ask out there, do you have somewhere stuffed in your attic, a Guess Who poster from New Glasgow in 1968?  Or any other piece of history from the band or Burton Cummings himself?  We would love to see and share this.  Let us know…and see you at the 21st annual Jubilee July 29-31.

Carlton Munroe- Executive Director, Riverfront Jubilee