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What I learned in joining the Jubilee board

Written by: Nicole LeBlanc, Director – Public Relations and Sponsorship, 2015

Before I joined the Jubilee board, I had absolutely no idea what went into an event like this. In fact, I still don’t, but let me tell you why and what I’ve learned along the way.

As a member of the Jubilee board I have regular insight into what each area our board members cover: ticketing, marketing, financials, volunteers, sponsorship, site set-up, security, and general overall event planning (plus all miscellaneous, which trust me, adds up). This insight only shows me just a fraction of the amount of hard work and effort (sometimes year-round) that goes into each of these areas to ensure that we run a successful event.

Learning: Even as a board member, I only see a fraction of what it takes to pull this weekend off.

You may have seen the graphic of an iceberg demonstrating what success is: the tip that you see above the water is success – and that’s what people see, but what’s beneath is the hard work, failures, persistence, dedication and sacrifice.

Learning: I, and most, only see the final product, and not the tremendous amount of work that happens behind the scenes.

I’m not trying to give a William Wallace Braveheart speech here, but simply trying to shed light into the tremendous amount of work that it takes to host a successful Jubilee, which is dependent on our volunteers.

Learning: I kind of want to paint my face William Wallace-style for the event. Kidding (sort of)

Many people think that our board gets paid, and we get all our friends in for free. I can assure you that is not true (just ask all of my friends). We don’t get paid a cent (or a nickel since the penny is gone). We do however have three very dedicated employees that also dedicate their time, energy and efforts to our wonderful Glasgow Square: our Executive Director and who I call the ‘Jubilee Guru’ Carlton Munroe, our outstanding Contest Coordinator/Catchall Janine Linthorne, and our rocking summer student who this year is Leah Hagerman.

Learning: We have a group of dedicated volunteer board members and some amazing employees that pour their heart and soul into this event.

We also have many people involved in our Jubilee, who have been for many years and who you may not know even exist. There’s a green room coordinator who’s ensuring our artists arrive, that they’re happy and ready to rock. We have a team who works tirelessly over the weekend in the cash office, counting and preparing funds for deposits.

Learning: I don’t think what they do is as glamorous as I see in money counting in casinos in movies.

And speaking of money, some may assume that we swim in a flood of cash – perhaps, if you’re old enough, you’re picturing Scrooge McDuck in the opening scene of Ducktales, swimming in his sea of gold. I can again assure you, that is not us. We are a not-for-profit. We pride ourselves in working to build an amazing event celebrating rock music- bringing in acts that you would have to leave Pictou County to see.  It’s a delicate balance between acts, a robust line-up, equipment, planning and preparation. Any money that we do make is invested into the followings year’s event or saved to help offset potential losses. And don’t forget that this year we will have legendary singer/song writer Steve Earle gracing our stage. Steve Earle. In Pictou County.

Learning: I knew that watching Ducktales would eventually come in handy in life.
Learning: We are a not-for-profit. We work hard to each and every penny and work hard to bring an amazing, polished event to Pictou County.

Some people cry foul when they hear who our line-up is because it’s not their taste. First, I encourage you to inquire about how much acts, guest speakers etc. cost to bring in to any type of event. You might be surprised (I was). It was an eye opener of how much of the budget is spent on total entertainment. We cannot bring in a show that pleases all tastes, for all ages (sorry Bubble Guppies). But what we can do for you, and what we have done for our 20th anniversary show, is bring together 12 amazing Main Stage artists (which if you purchase an Adult Weekend Pass, each act costs you $7.92). The Trews, for $7.92. Yes. Aside from the Main Stage, we also have an amazing line-up for our Blue’s in the Park, our Songwriter’s Circle, Late night Stages and also the Children’s Jubilee.

Second, some of our acts aren’t my first pick either but this event exposes me to all kinds of new music, new artists and an incredible festival experience right in my back yard.

Learning: $7.92 to see Classified, now that IS classy! I, like all others, can also attend many free events and enjoy the amazing music that that Jubilee has to offer.

We have a lot of folks who donate their time over our weekend, in fact about 350 of them. They are our gate managers and volunteers, the bar staff, the JubiTent volunteers and more.  They’re everywhere, they’re awesome and we are so grateful for each and every one of them.

Learning: Someone actually counts the exact numbers of people who volunteer because each and every one of them is important.

There are also many people who donate their time, equipment, services or cold-hard cash to our event and without that, you’d be able to drive down Glasgow Street that weekend because we wouldn’t exist. From the people who put up the fencing, to bringing in the porta-potty’s (not glamorous, but oh so important), the stage crew, the camera- crew – everyone who touches every inch of that site. Many of the people, organizations and companies are site as also our beloved sponsors. Without them we would not be what we are today. Through in-kind and cash sponsorship, we are able to pull off a pretty rockin’ weekend.

Learning: Our on-site crew and sponsors rock. Period.

And finally, we’re all humans. The person answering the phone at Glasgow Square, the person checking your ID at the door even though you’re clearly over 19, the security officer minding the crowd, the person answering you on Facebook through our page- we’re all people. We can’t afford robots (yet… J)

Learning: We’re all humans, and our whole team rocks so you can rock out.

Our whole team is so excited to welcome our artists, sponsors, volunteers and patrons to the 20th Anniversary Jubilee!